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I was going to do Jessika Pava, buuuuut my yellow has apparently gone on walkabout. Next time! :D

I'm pretty happy with the design, even if my execution leaves much to be desired.
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Finished both Fire Emblem: Awakening and Bravely Default this week. BD is the one that had me yelling at the screen at how badly it was failing its own narrative (more on this later when I'm not so damn tired*), but it's also the one I'm most interested in picking up the sequel for. FE:A was fun enough but I'm not too fussed about getting into Fates. I'm actually a little shocked by this: I always thought I was mostly into games for the story, but BD's gameplay hooked me more than FE:A's story did. Go figure.

*Actually, no, I do have to say this: fuuuuuuuck Kamiizumi. Fuck him and his talk of honor right in the eyeball. You don't get to claim the moral high ground while using enslaved child labor. It wouldn't bother me so much if the narrative actually wanted you to make up your own mind about things like it thinks it does, but every time it holds the guy up as an exemplar I want to strangle a duckling.
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"Oh, hi, Mister Rude. Are you here to see Tifa?"

(Spoiler: NOPE.)

I swear I will do something on here besides wave my fic at my friendslist. I'm not very good at having stuff to say.
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Jazz wasn't looking for anything in particular when he came to Praxus, but that doesn't mean he didn't find a whole list of strange things. Sparklings, fliers, funky crystals, archivists, goodies he totally wants the recipe for - and a quiet, shy mech with doorwings and white optics.

Also a sparkeater. That part he could have done without.

[Companion/side dish to Crown of Cybertron, gets a little deeper into Praxian spirituality and what's up with the psychopomps. This'll be updated every two weeks to give us time to slay the ABSOLUTE BEAST of a prequel-fic we're only about halfway through.]
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It took me three flipping years to write this fic, so I hope people like it. XD NC-17, 14000 words, Galvatron/Rodimus Prime and Galvatron/Cyclonus.

There were times when Galvatron, Leader of the Decepticons, Ruler of Chaar and Emperor of Destruction, wondered if he were becoming just a tiny bit domesticated.
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On AO3

Finally, we get to the new content. Seph is still working out how to be human in this new world. Or at least approximate it.


Feb. 29th, 2016 01:57 pm
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I don’t remember picking up Pokémon Red, but it was probably at Walmart. Most of my games came from Walmart back then. Before Pokémon my Game Boy was something I picked up once in a while for a little Kirby Pinball or Mickey’s Ultimate Challenge*, but Red was the first game I could happily spend hours with. I brought the damn thing to high school with me and whipped it out at lunch and during Creative Writing class. I took shameless advantage of that Missingno glitch to build a beautiful L100 team. Eventually, despairing of ever catching ‘em all due to a regrettable lack of friends, I picked up a cheat device at a shady Japanese-merchandise store in the mall and cheated my way to that weird little certificate.

Pokémon Blue I picked up a year later, during a vacation with my cousin, a fellow video game enthusiast though he wasn’t a Pokémon freak. I got it with the express purpose of catching Mew, which I head heard through the grapevine was located under that truck at Vermillion Harbor. When I reached the truck, the cartridge glitched out and erased its own data completely. I probably still have that cartridge in storage somewhere, but it is, in its way, a vegetable.

Pokemon Yellow I never finished, because I loaned it to the twin brother of a guy I liked in junior year, and then the asshole moved away with his family without returning it to me.

All of this probably seems pretty depressing, but these are among my few happy memories of high school. I fucking love Pokémon and I always will.
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The stars aligned: this post on Tumblr, and the season finale of RWBY leaving me a mess of Feels. The challenge was to mashup your oldest fandom and your newest fandom.

There's a day when we stand outnumbered... )
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Wrote this during our Horrible Week Of No Internet and just remembered it existed. Sooo, posting it. :D

The pint-sized cacophony spilled into the hallway... )
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In this episode, Cloud and company take one look at Sephiroth and go "aw, fuck."

On AO3
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Because I've had Beast Wars on the brain lately. I want to do something BW-related for their 20th anniversary, but I don't think I have it in me to take on another big project like Steampunk BW would be.

There was little enough left of this world... )
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In which - you know, I'm just gonna let this one speak for itself. Transformers G1, gen, extremely goofy. On AO3
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Sailor Moon: In the name of the moon, I will punish you!

Sailor Mars: In the name of Mars, I’ll chastise you!

Sailor Mercury: In the name of Mercury, douse yourself in cold water and repent!

Sailor Venus: In the name of Venus, I bring the divine punishment of love!

Sailor Jupiter: *just delivers righteous asskicking*
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Remember the Renewed series? Remember Roddy wondering about what might have been if there'd been no war?

...yeah. :DDDDD

We've been working on this for almost a year, and it's MOSTLY finished - with more fics in the same 'verse coming down the pipeline, cough. But we're posting a chapter a week on this unwieldy beast, so we hope you follow along and enjoy.

On AO3 (coauthored with [personal profile] apprentice_lurk)
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Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I will (attempt to) give you (only) 5 sentences from or about it. (snagged from [personal profile] sharpest_asp)

Fandoms are in the tags. :D
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Hell with it, it's Christmas. Have a sad Seph. On AO3
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With the caveat that I am - just - all Winterthinged out right now, and probably will not be able to do any stocking stuffing this year. I may dredge up some energy to reciprocate later in the winter though.

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So apparently Squenix decided not enough people were talking about VII-R and released a gameplay trailer. With the usual caveats that this is a work in progress and may be tweaked, I have a few thoughts:

- The combat appears to be roughly FFXII-style, as far as I can make out. Which is about what I expected, but still kind of disappointing. The combat in XII felt too clumsy and uncontrolled to me. Straight turn-based wouldn’t really fit with the rest of the design anymore, but at the very least I’m hoping it’ll play more like Kingdom Hearts than XII.
- The expanded dialogue sounds great. So does the voice acting. (Except for Wedge. Poor Wedge, what have they done to you?) …unfortunately the dubbing is pretty awful. That sort of thing usually doesn’t bother me, but it’s immersion-breaking in this trailer.
- Moving around the map appears to have more to it than hold-X-to-run, which is an improvement. And it’s bigger, or at least seems that way due to the new camera angle - hopefully this means more little corners to poke in and little details to discover.
- I am happy about the art. It still looks like Midgar.
- Cloud looks terrible. Like he really has just escaped from a lab. His arms are so skinny and there’s shadows under his eyes, the poor thing.
- I’m fairly sure we saw Barret’s Hot Shot - it looks awesome. And GUARD SCORPION. Holy crap, it’s terrifying.
- Why is Barret wearing sunglasses at night? So he can, so he can see the light that’s right before his eyes.

Overall I’m impressed, but I’m trying to sit on my enthusiasm. I’ve been hoping for this for years but now that it’s happening I feel kind of worried. I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t trust Squenix to be able to tell the difference between what needs updating & reworking and what should be preserved. FFVII was the game that got me hooked on RPGs, and I adore it glitches and bad dialogue and all, and a polished-up version is by necessity going to lose some of that. I’ve been kinda turned off to AAA console gaming for years now - the most recent console I own is a Wii - and if Squenix tries to make this thing fall into line with modern console games or even more modern FF games (I’m looking at you, XV), it’ll end up boring me. Or annoying me. Possibly both.

Also if I catch even a hint of Genesis, I am going to strangle someone.

(Think we’ll get some more WEAPONs to beat up? :D)


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