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I might as well re-name this journal "All G/R, all the time."

You may all blame 'Bootscreature for this.


"You'd better know what you're doing, Autobot," Galvatron growled, turning the faction name into a filthy slur.

"I ought to," Rodimus rejoindered, "I've been on the receiving end often enough." He pulled the straps tight around Galvatron's wrists and sat back on his heels. "There. Can you get out of that?"

"Of course I can, Prime!" Galvatron snarled, but obligingly struggled against the bonds holding his hands behind him. "...It may take some work," he admitted grudgingly.

Laughing, Rodimus leaned against his back, hands teasing gently at his hips. "Relax. You're still in control. I'm just serving you in a different capacity."

"Then stop teasing," Galvatron snapped, flexing his hands in their bonds. His impatience and lust were rising, feeding on each other; much more of this, and he would snap the straps.

"Hmm, but I'm having fun," Rodimus purred. The young Prime trying for 'sultry' was rare for a reason - it would have been laughable if his clever fingers hadn't chosen that moment to delve into the seam between Galvatron's hip and thigh. The lord of the Decepticons closed his mouth over a moan. "And so are you, looks like," Rodimus purred right next to his audial. "Aren't you, De-cep-ticon?"

It wasn't a slur, but the way Rodimus said it, it was definitely filthy.
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:D :D :D!

Willingly tied-up Galvatron is a sexy, sexy thing.
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Ohhh, rawr. >D