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Yet moar OCfic!

Because I've had Beast Wars on the brain lately. I want to do something BW-related for their 20th anniversary, but I don't think I have it in me to take on another big project like Steampunk BW would be.

(Kylin is my Kingdom Hearts OC; Alexis is a Beast Wars OC.)


There was little enough left of this world - a cutaway fragment of spaceship, dissolving slowly at the edges as the darkness nibbled at it a bit at a time. Kylin stepped lightly, knowing all that kept it solid was the flickering heart of the two-souled girl sitting in a chair too big for her, head in her hands.

“This place is important to you,” she observed, even-voiced.

Alexis sucked in a breath and let it go on a shaky laugh. “I guess,” she admitted. “I have my own room - had, I guess - on the Axalon, but the bridge is where I spent most of my time. Studying Cybertronian. Watching them work and plan and bicker. They could get so loud sometimes…” Another shuddery breath. “It’s wrong for it to be so quiet.”

Kylin watched a little more of the spaceship drift away into the darkness, losing its definition as Alexis’s emotional hold on it waned. “How did it start?” she asked carefully.

“I don’t know. Probably Megatron’s fault, but - I don’t know.” Alexis scrubbed at her eyes. “Does it matter? They’re gone.”

“It might not be too late to get them back.”

Kylin winced in sympathy at the painful twist of hope in Alexis’s eyes. This girl was no Keyblade-wielder, had no defense against the darkness closing in - giving her hope like this might be sealing her doom. Yet something in her had been strong enough to keep the core of her world, the bridge of a crashed spaceship, intact against the darkness for this long. She summoned up a smile from somewhere and offered a hand. “I have an instinct for these things. I won’t make you any promises, but - there are lights in this darkness still, and ways into other worlds. I can help you find them.”

Alexis swallowed the last of her tears as she accepted it. “I won’t slow you down, I promise. I may not have a Keyblade like you, but I can still fight.”

Meeting the fierce spark of light in Alexis’s violet eyes, Kylin could believe it. She grinned and gave her new friend’s hand a squeeze. “Then let’s go. The closest light is this way.”

As Kylin pulled Alexis into a pathway, Alexis’s island of safety crumbled into the darkness at last - no longer needed.

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