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OC ficbit continuation, slight crossover with Star Wars: TFA.

Because 'Boots demanded a fixit to this ficbit. Er, better late than never?


As Optimus Primal swung down from his cockpit - without a ladder, thank you very much - he heard a familiar voice cry out his name. He turned on instinct and caught the small human flinging herself into his arms.

“Alexis,” he murmured into pale hair. “How…?”

Alexis shook her head, too overcome to speak, and Optimus took the hint. He hitched her up and carried her like a child away from the swarm of technicians coming to see to the fighters and astromech droids. “Commander,” he called over his shoulder, “I’ll be late to the debriefing. Family emergency.”

The human pilot who commanded Black Squadron took one look at the two of them and nodded, a softer version of his famous brilliant smile stealing across his face. “Take your time,” he answered, and Optimus nodded gratefully.

“…’commander’?” Alexis murmured as Optimus ferried her away to - hopefully - someplace quieter.

“I’m back at the bottom rung here,” Optimus answered dryly, and that (to his relief) got a faint, damp giggle from her. “But never mind that - I’m so relieved to see you! When - I’m still not sure what happened, but I feared the worst…”

They’d found a bench, out of the way of the techs, and Optimus settled Alexis down on it before sitting himself - there was only so much carrying his friend’s dignity could take. “The Darkness,” Alexis said quietly as Optimus sank down next to her, and Optimus felt his spark constrict. “There’s nothing left of our world, Optimus. It all - just - crumbled right before my eyes. I thought - I thought you were lost…”

Her eyes shimmered, tears rather than sparklight, and Optimus grasped her hands gently with his own. “I thought the same,” he admitted. “I just couldn’t let myself believe it. How did you…?”

It was a repeat of the question he’d first asked when she appeared, only this time Alexis had the words to answer. “I had help,” she admitted, glancing across the bay.

Optimus followed her eyes. Standing at one of the service entrances was the small, compact form of the General he’d come to respect, and for a moment he thought Alexis meant her; then the black-haired human talking to the General spotted them, grinned and waved, and Alexis waved back.

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