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Coming up for air from Pokemon.

I’ve come to the realization that I really, really like the UST trope, as long as the ST is U due to some other reason than a miscommunication.
“Our Love Can Never Be, for we are fighting in an interstellar war and it may cost countless lives if we were to lose focus for something so selfish!” <- :D

“Our Love Can Never Be, because we are on opposing sides and also I kind of hate your face.” <- :D :D :DDDDD

“Our Love Can Never Be, because we are physically incompatible in some way and for some reason nobody has heard of vibrators.” <- ^_^ ^__________^ b^_^d

“Our Love Can Never Be, because neither of us will ever pull our heads out our own asses long enough to notice the object of our affections making cow eyes at us all over creation.” <- NO
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But but but how can television exist if we take away Idiot Ball Romance???
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Truth - we put that on at work by preference. XD it's mesmerizing.
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I agree! Especially fond of the first one (and then when it gets resolved OUR LOVE ONLY MAKES US FIGHT BETTER, we can have our sex and win the war too! :D)
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"Our Love Can Never Be, because I saw you being affectionate to another and Jumped to Conclusions so fast that I got whiplash and couldn't talk to you for five minutes to find out that they are your sibling/other close family member"

--I have seen this, and not just in RomComs. Well-known in romance writing circles as something Not To Do, as in "DO NOT make the obstacle to True Love be a misunderstanding that could be cleared up by 5 minutes of conversation with each other, because your readers will hate you and your characters for being too stupid to love."

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:smashes some kind of +1 agree button a few hundred times: I hate the idiot ball lack of any communication trope - especially as the WHOLE plot device - SO MUCH. so very very much. (yes, i read romance books, and there's the ones that do this and then there's the GOOD ones.)
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omg yes. Every "jump to conclusions" or "don't talk" or "why are you idiots even having this fight in the first place??" and that's an automatic calculation of "am i far enough into this book to bother finishing it, or can i just delete it off my kindle?" =P

I'll make an exception for "main characters haven't actually interacted yet and are having a case of assumptions/stereotyping/insecurity because yeah, ok, that's real life human nature. "oh, that guy/girl is too hot/too rich/too high in society for me, they'd never look at me twice" - ok, fine. but once you've actually met and spoken to each other? KNOCK OFF THE STUPIDITY.