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One way or the other I suck at customer service.

Kinda-but-not-really seeking reassurance that I'm not an asshole, here? I've reached the point where I just Cannot anymore when someone asks me where I'm from*, for various reasons ranging from "it is fucking embarrassing being from the US given the state of our politics right now" to "I don't wanna." I used to try to explain as quickly as I could that my family was military and I moved around a lot, etc., but - again. Just Cannot anymore. (I said I was from Virginia, that being my most recent place-where-I-kept-my-stuff before I emigrated, exactly once. I was promptly lumped in with the Confederacy. Never again.)

Don't think I haven't thought about lying, but for some reason I can't do it. Even if I plan for it, when I'm in the moment I just freeze up and what falls out of my mouth is the truth. I've started saying lightly, "Nowhere, really!" which is true from a certain point of view, but people almost seem... offended by that? Like, I've gotten a few scolding "Everyone's from somewhere!"s, and today there were two guys in near succession who just would. not. let it go. Was I from America? Was I from Canada? Well, I'm certainly not English.

No, dude, I'm not, chill out about it.

I get it, you know? I'm a cashier. I'm supposed to be amiable and friendly and yield to the slightest impulse of everyone I talk to. I am aware that I fall well fucking short in this regard - I am blunt and frequently stressed and I'm not very good at smiling on command - but on this issue, I feel like I am well justified being irritated. Why do I owe complete strangers my backstory, again? Just because I run a register? Buy your crap and leave me alone, goddamn it. Why is my reluctance to talk about where I'm from taken as a personal challenge?

...you know what, I take that last sentence back, I'm totally an asshole. And I don't care. I'm tired of my existence being available for other people's gratification.

Jesus in a cat dish, I need a new job.

*As happens at least once every shift. For those of you just joining us, hello, I'm a Yank living in the UK.

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