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The last cosplay project I did was NY Comic Con a few years ago. I was a (poorly-conceived) steampunk moogle. Let's see if I've gotten any better, shall we?

Femme!Sephiroth and a chocobo at Kupocon '17! )

The actual con was kind of... eh. I mean, they had a lot of good ideas, but there wasn't a lot to do ultimately. We got bored/tired and left a couple hours early. To be fair it was their first year doing cons and a pretty small con at that. My favorite moment was when two younger girls squealed "DISPEAR!!! :DDD" at me while we were posing for our Official Picture. So I amused somebody, after all that money and effort. I guess there's worse outcomes. :D
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Two days later, Sephiroth emerged from the Blue Dolphin with a basket full of laundered clothes and nearly bumped into someone coming up the walk. (On AO3)

I'm trying to just follow my muse lately, i.e. it doesn't matter what I work on as long as I produce SOMETHING before I go to bed every day. Hence, this meander off Plot Avenue.
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First, new chapter of Fluffiroth, finally - Chapter 12 - Junker District

Second, a brief bit of Star Wars AU - Hope, Reversed

And last, playing extremely fast and loose with timelines, have some idfic with Autobots reacting to the current political situation in America - A Kick in the Skid

That is all. As you were.
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I’ve come to the realization that I really, really like the UST trope, as long as the ST is U due to some other reason than a miscommunication.
“Our Love Can Never Be, for we are fighting in an interstellar war and it may cost countless lives if we were to lose focus for something so selfish!” <- :D

“Our Love Can Never Be, because we are on opposing sides and also I kind of hate your face.” <- :D :D :DDDDD

“Our Love Can Never Be, because we are physically incompatible in some way and for some reason nobody has heard of vibrators.” <- ^_^ ^__________^ b^_^d

“Our Love Can Never Be, because neither of us will ever pull our heads out our own asses long enough to notice the object of our affections making cow eyes at us all over creation.” <- NO
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I am... not going to be able to do Winterthing cards this year. I just don't have the energy. (Case in point: I meant to post this like two weeks ago.)

If you want to send me a card, it's welcome, but I won't be able to reciprocate until January at the earliest. And I mean late January. Also I have moved since last Winterthing, so please ping me if you need my new address.

I hope y'all have a great Winterthing. I'm just ready for it to be OVER.
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Are we absolutely certain this isn't some kind of Decepticon plot? I'm fairly sure I remember this episode.
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This might be the last chapter I post until after New Years, because retail sucks.

Sephiroth was invited to stay for lunch - as Barret had promised, Tifa's chowder was worth waiting for... (On AO3)
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[Crossposted to my Tumblr.]

I dreamed an FFVII late-game AU. )
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There's going to be a lot of crap Seph has to deal with in coming chapters. But first, dinner out.

Years of training and experience in warfare could not prepare Sephiroth for wontons. (On AO3)
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In which Sephiroth finds something ominous, at the cost of his dignity.

Barret was not the prickliest hunting companion Sephiroth had ever had...
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I was going to do Jessika Pava, buuuuut my yellow has apparently gone on walkabout. Next time! :D

I'm pretty happy with the design, even if my execution leaves much to be desired.
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Finished both Fire Emblem: Awakening and Bravely Default this week. BD is the one that had me yelling at the screen at how badly it was failing its own narrative (more on this later when I'm not so damn tired*), but it's also the one I'm most interested in picking up the sequel for. FE:A was fun enough but I'm not too fussed about getting into Fates. I'm actually a little shocked by this: I always thought I was mostly into games for the story, but BD's gameplay hooked me more than FE:A's story did. Go figure.

*Actually, no, I do have to say this: fuuuuuuuck Kamiizumi. Fuck him and his talk of honor right in the eyeball. You don't get to claim the moral high ground while using enslaved child labor. It wouldn't bother me so much if the narrative actually wanted you to make up your own mind about things like it thinks it does, but every time it holds the guy up as an exemplar I want to strangle a duckling.
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"Oh, hi, Mister Rude. Are you here to see Tifa?"

(Spoiler: NOPE.)

I swear I will do something on here besides wave my fic at my friendslist. I'm not very good at having stuff to say.
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Jazz wasn't looking for anything in particular when he came to Praxus, but that doesn't mean he didn't find a whole list of strange things. Sparklings, fliers, funky crystals, archivists, goodies he totally wants the recipe for - and a quiet, shy mech with doorwings and white optics.

Also a sparkeater. That part he could have done without.

[Companion/side dish to Crown of Cybertron, gets a little deeper into Praxian spirituality and what's up with the psychopomps. This'll be updated every two weeks to give us time to slay the ABSOLUTE BEAST of a prequel-fic we're only about halfway through.]
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It took me three flipping years to write this fic, so I hope people like it. XD NC-17, 14000 words, Galvatron/Rodimus Prime and Galvatron/Cyclonus.

There were times when Galvatron, Leader of the Decepticons, Ruler of Chaar and Emperor of Destruction, wondered if he were becoming just a tiny bit domesticated.
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On AO3

Finally, we get to the new content. Seph is still working out how to be human in this new world. Or at least approximate it.


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