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Dreaming of fixit.

[Crossposted to my Tumblr.]

Last night - well, this morning - I dreamed an FFVII late-game AU. Short version, Aeris was alive, Seph was sane and a party member, and they were all going through the Northern Crater.

So in between the Tonberries and Dragon Zombies, Yuffie thinks to ask, “Wait. When we kill Jenova, what’s going to happen to you, Seph?” (Because of course she’d start calling him Seph pretty much immediately.)

Seph gives her a little laconic shrug (you know the little blocky-sprite animation they do). “I don’t know. Maybe I’ll disappear.” Slight pause, and then a new text box. “I’ll certainly disappear when Holy is freed to move across the Planet.”

And then he continues to walk, leaving the rest of the party to exchange Worried Looks in that polygon-face way of theirs.

Several boss fights later, they’re landing the Highwind on the cliffs overlooking Midgar (I know the Highwind can only land on grass, it was a dream, work with me here!), and Aeris goes running out ahead of anybody else. There’s Meteor glowing over Midgar, and Holy swirling around the city, and Aeris flops down on the ground to listen. Then she gets up, dusts herself off, and turns back to the others to grab Cloud’s and Sephiroth’s hands. They think she’s about to say something, or do something Ancient-y, and in a way they’re not wrong - smiling, she clasps their hands together and then turns away, leaving them holding hands and very confused. Also embarrassed.

...and then Aeris kisses Tifa, who is surprised but not at all unwilling, and Sephiroth and Cloud look at each other and go OH. ....ER. UM.

...and then Aeris runs off and dumps the Lifestream into Holy and saves the Planet while they’re still being flustered at each other, and Seph got to be not-Holy'd via the Power of Love, The End. :D

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