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Just got back from Germany where my parents are stationed. It was a lovely visit, even factoring in our trip to a lovely old castle was cut short because my mom fell and broke her ankle. :\ Dad was on assignment on another whole freakin' continent at the time, so Partner and I wound up having to take care of her all of Friday. Which, honestly, it was nice. We piled onto the sofas and watched nature documentaries on Netflix and just rested from a very full week.

And also I had a complicated fandom dream last night. Cut because not everybody's into other people's dreams. )
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“Kupooooo!” (On AO3)

...it took me two months to drag this out of myself, but man, wouldn't it be nice if I finished this beast this year?
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This is not a new story, I wrote it last year, but it never got picked up so I'm throwing it at the Internet in general.

SimU (on WP)


Feb. 1st, 2019 10:17 pm
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I interviewed for a new job last week - Web design & PHP. I was very upfront that I was largely self-taught and didn't have the experience they might expect from someone with, y'know, an actual degree, but they told me not to worry about it, that I was highly trainable and they were impressed that I'd taught myself enough PHP in two weeks to put together a project for them. I walked away from that interview with the impression that I pretty much had that job in the bag.

This afternoon (finally, ugh), the interviewer got back to me. No, they really wanted someone with More Experience, but would I be willing to start with them on a part-time basis for a couple of months and see how it goes?

........now look, on paper this is a really good deal, right? It's fantastic that they're willing to train a complete newbie in complicated programming stuff rather than just look for someone who already knows their shit. This is a foot in the door that I'd probably never get anywhere else. Worse comes to worst it's a couple of months' of job training I can put on my CV for the next time I'm job-hunting. I should be thrilled.

I'm not thrilled.

Partially it's that current retail gig is eating my sanity and my health (srs, another three months in those awful safety shoes and my feet are just going to fall off in protest), and part of it is - just - I thought I had this. I thought I had secured a Real Grownup Job in something I was good at, something whose job requirements weren't two brain cells and a pulse, something where I could finally tell myself I was worth something after all, after all of my failures. Eight hours a week might be a step in the right direction, but I'll only be able to know that in hindsight. Right now it's just an extra drum added to the constant drum beat of 'not good enough, not good enough, not good enough.'

I mean, I accepted it, don't get me wrong. Like I said, anything that might get me out of current job.

...nngh. I told myself I'd work on the next chapter of OBW this weekend, but somehow all my brain wants to focus on are little scenelets of Galvatron/Rodimus porn.


::flops facedown::
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Now and then this ficbit will keep popping up, so I'm preserving it here for the coming post-Tumblr society. Context is a picture of a fighter jet at a gas station.

What DO you do with a drunken Seeker? )
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Prequel bit to this ficbit, wherein zombie Hot Rod still manages to be adorable. There is nothing adorable in this one.

He’d been threatened by Autobot prisoners before... )
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So I wrote a silly short fic for a friend for Winterthing: This End Up - Kingdom Hearts/Transformers crossover

...and this morning I woke up to three chapters of glorious car porn. Like There's No Red Lights (you need an AO3 account to see this one) Humanized Galvatron driving Hot Rod and both of them enjoying it far too much. :DDDDD
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.....jfc, self. ::marinates in embarrassment:: anyway, yes, have a meme. Thing. Whatever.

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So, wrote a couple of things: Latest chapter of Fluffiroth, and a new installment of Robots Resist that I wasn't expecting to happen. I've got a couple more one-shots I want to get out before I go back to Fluffiroth, and maybe another chapter of Love Bites! if the mood strikes.

And also, had some work bullshit happen to me that I'm still chewing over. The saga of me and my RBF and the coworker who lost her shit. )
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Lesbian werewolf erotica flashfic, ahoy!

Moonrise (On Circlet)

...it does occur to me that maybe I should come up with a pseudonym if I'm going to keep writing porn, but for now, fuck it, I am FAR TOO PROUD OF MYSELF. :DDD
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But I've already got prompts for this so whatcha gonna do. :D Stolen from here, give me a number and a pairing/character and I'll write you a bit of a thing.

A bunch of random dialogue prompts. )
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I'm on Pillowfort as eternal_glitter if anyone wants to add me. I don't know yet how I'll be using it or how much stuff is going to be crossposted between here and there, but. It exists. :D

I've also got a for-original-writing blog now. I'm already using it to talk about geeky shit, so we'll see how much overlap that gets. It's on Wordpress.

In other news, I've put some Kingdom Hearts and Transformers prompts up on the latest Porn Tree, if anyone wants to come play.
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a.k.a. Five Nights of Jazz. ;) Expanded version of a prompt answer on one of those memes I keep posting.

He already lived in a world where ordinary objects could suddenly transform and attack him. (On AO3)
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send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

(stolen from Tumblr, as per usual)
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This scene kind of dropped into the middle of my headspace like an anvil into my living room and stared at me until I wrote it. Posted here rather than AO3 because there's no real story in my head other than this one scene. Consider it a cross between this fic by Sophisticated_Adult and that Marvel Zombies thing.

Sometimes Shockwave brought Hot Rod things along with his fuel and daily nanite infusions.  )


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