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In which a monster is slain, and that's only the beginning of Sephiroth's problems. On AO3

Ugh, I'm getting these out every three months instead of every month as per my original goal. I suck. *headdesk*
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Two days, two pictures. So far so good. I found a post-apocalypse prompt set and am running with it.

Day 1: father & daughter

Day 2: the girl and her dog

(both on Pixiv)
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Told this story in an IM conversation with a Triadmate, but I will dump it here too. May it serve as motivation to find ANYTHING OTHER THAN RETAIL when we move.

Edited slightly so it makes sense outside of said conversation. COME WITH ME TO NOPELAND )

And that's about it. Next time I'll bitch about the racist products. :D
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I'm fairly sure Sensei has suffered one too many blows to the head over his career. Or he was just being nice. Either way, I am now a green belt moogle and am officially allowed to pretend to be a Ninja Turtle.
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Getting my green belt test next week. Sensei seemed confident. ........I am convinced I am going to fuck it all up, because that is what I do.

Also tying my stomach in knots, my application for my visa extension. Got the letter today that they've received it, but it will be weeks before I hear anything more.

Aaaaaaaaa. Sincerely. Aaaaa.
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Also based on the fact that this is a canon rich with potential for AUs.

Power makes her head spin... )

FIC: Ash

Jul. 21st, 2017 06:54 pm
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..............yeah, this is just angstfic. Give unto me your anguish, dear readers, for it shall make me strong.

After it was all over... (On AO3)
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Because the image wouldn't leave me alone, that's why.

Beep beep bee-deep beep beep. )
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Note: this is not me making fun of yoga. This is me making fun of my inability to do yoga. Also it's all my partner's fault.

On Pixiv
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Because everything I watch, read or play gets lodged in my brain, and horror stuff sticks worse than most.

i.e., I had a nightmare about a horror game I will never ever play. And no, it wasn't Five Nights. )
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US politics stuff behind the cut, because everybody's sick of it, I know. I just need to scream into the void a bit.


...ugh, I have a rage headache.
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Nicked from [personal profile] sharpest_asp. :D

Give me a character (or pairing) and a prompt, and I will write you three sentences.

~ OR ~

Give me a fandom and a prompt, and I will write a five things list in that fandom around that prompt.

Fic-centric or AU-centric prompts welcome!
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You know that feeling in your stomach juuuust as the roller coaster crests that first hill? ...yep. :D

“Someone, help! Please, help me!” (on AO3)
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Based on an RP [personal profile] apprentice_lurk and I play around with sometimes. Sephiroth clad in body paint and his hair and nothing else! You're welcome. :D

On Pixiv (semi-NSFW, no visible bits)

I'm sure I'll look back on this and go 'ew, it's awful' six months from now, but I'm glad I forced myself to do this and I hope to force myself to do more digital painting in the future.
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First explored here and here, a 'verse I've been toying with in which Orion Pax is a gladiator and Megatron is a demon-summoning archivist. One day I'll actually sit down and write this, but Fluffiroth comes first.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? )
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There are lots of things that make me go *stranglehands!* inside my head at work (and sometimes not so inside my head. PEOPLE, augh.), but usually the rudeness is aimed at me so it's at least expected. The other day, though, this thing happened: a woman I was checking out informed me that her "friend, who is Special Needs" was coming with some more stuff, then proceeded to leave my counter presumably to check on Friend's progress. Next thing I hear this woman actually yelling in the tone of voice my mother would have reserved for my having TRULY fucked up. Friend's crime? Taking too long to come to the register, apparently.

So here's this young woman who is, yes, visibly developmentally delayed, in tears, handing me her items and apologizing. "I'm a little stressed right now," she said, and holy shit I could have murdered someone. Someone specific, I mean. But of course being a cashier means I can't even so much as glare at the waste of skin who made her cry, so all I could do was be pointedly very kind and patient with her. I doubt it helped.

Idk. I guess I just needed to vent that somewhere. -_-


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