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Occasionally we cosplay.

The last cosplay project I did was NY Comic Con a few years ago. I was a (poorly-conceived) steampunk moogle. Let's see if I've gotten any better, shall we?


I was expecting the con to be swarming with Sephiroths, but to my shock I was the only one there. XD So, took some liberties with the costume for two very obvious reasons *cough*. Also the shoulder armor was a PAIN IN THE BUTT, OMG. I don't know what I could have done better without access to, like, metalworking skills, but I did not achieve the perfectly smooth finish I was going for. Eh, call it battle damage.

(There was an attempt at a sword. The less said about that the better.)

Spent most of the con realizing that Sephiroth probably did not go around in his canon costume for his daily routine, because it is extremely difficult to move around in what with the knee buckles and the constantly banging your shoulder pads into things. Also HOW DID HE KEEP HIS HAIR SO PERFECT. Did he just have someone following him around with styling gel and a brush?

Fortunately I had an adorable chocobo to distract from such minor issues. :D ...even if her feet kind of fell apart on her an hour into the con. Aside from that I think her costume turned out better than mine did.

The actual con was kind of... eh. I mean, they had a lot of good ideas, but there wasn't a lot to do ultimately. We got bored/tired and left a couple hours early. To be fair it was their first year doing cons and a pretty small con at that. My favorite moment was when two younger girls squealed "DISPEAR!!! :DDD" at me while we were posing for our Official Picture. So I amused somebody, after all that money and effort. I guess there's worse outcomes. :D

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