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Ficblurt: Sailor Moon/MCU crossover.

'Cause I can, mostly. And 'cause it is a vehicle for angst.


“Why are you doing this!”

Steve just about spoke enough Japanese to understand that, if he concentrated past the roar of wind and the sting of power lashing past his face. He didn’t trust his Japanese enough to answer.

“Please! I don’t want to fight you!”

Grimly, Steve ducked his head down behind his shield and kept striving forward through the hurricane-force gale of pink light. He didn’t want to do this either - find him a way to end this without violence and he’ll move heaven and earth to take it. He didn’t think he’d be doing much earth-moving tonight.

“Stop trying to encase the world in crystal and we wouldn’t have to fight.” That was Natasha, her Japanese near flawless, not even winded from her battle against the two older combatants. Calm and competent - trust Natasha not to show a shred of strain even now. “That’s all you have to do, miss.”

”You don’t understand! We’re trying to save the world!”

He was close enough to see her tears now, streaming from her face and lifting away into little points of crystal light. Her young face was stretched in a desperate grimace, effort and agony breaking her voice as she cried out again. “Please - just listen to me! I’m not your enemy!” she cried out to him, hands shaking around her wand. “Captain America!”

Behind her, spearing to heaven like a chorus of death, her crystal throne.

Steve gathered all his strength and pushed through the lash of pure energy one last time.

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