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raisedbymoogles ([personal profile] raisedbymoogles) wrote2017-06-29 09:35 pm
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This? Is why I don't do horror.

Because everything I watch, read or play gets lodged in my brain, and horror stuff sticks worse than most.

...it was Bendy and the Ink Machine.

(I worked my way through a GTLive of the first two chapters a couple of months ago. Slowly. Because I kept having to pause it. Go ahead and judge me.)

Okay, so I was more cooperating with Bendy & The Gang than anything as we attempted to escape from what looked like a demented version of Stark Tower, but Bendy was still kind of off-and-on trying to kill me. He couldn't help it, which kind of made it worse. I couldn't just RUN because he'd trusted me enough to tell me his real name.* So I was alternately in danger from the architecture and the inky guys I was hanging out with.

Man, no wonder I never wake up feeling rested. -_-

*I still remember what it was, surprisingly. I don't think it was a Deep Dark Secret or a names-have-power kind of thing, just the idea that 'Bendy' was just his stage name. Even so, I have a feeling I should keep it to myself.

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