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US politics stuff behind the cut, because everybody's sick of it, I know. I just need to scream into the void a bit.


So, wow! Don the Con fired the guy who was investigating him for treason! He is almost certainly 100% guilty of treason! He's 111% guilty of obstruction of justice, given how he did this in broad fucking daylight and didn't even try to be subtle about it. I mean, yeah, he lied about the reason, but it was so cynically transparent he might as well have come right out and said "I did it because he was about to expose me as a traitor and you can't do shit about it, nyah-nyah." (Also, seriously, fuck you for twisting the knife, slimeball. I'm as mad about what Comey did to Clinton as anybody, but the time to fire him for that is long past. You loved him when he was misusing his power for your benefit.)

So democracy in America is fucking flatlining and the guys holding the defibrillator (with a few exceptions, all but maybe two of whom have a (D) next to their names) are impotently 'troubled' about it. Which is apparently politician for "I am either a thundering ignoramus or a traitor myself." Which is bad enough when 'idiot or traitor?' is the game you've been playing with the fucking President since he took office, but how deep does this abyss run? Do they really think Don the Con will reward their silent, craven loyalty? I knew the GOP was collectively on the take, but how on the take do you have to be to be okay with watching America turn into an autocracy?

With nukes?

I just. I am so pissed off and I am so terrified. I'm terrified for my entire country, I'm terrified for my friends and my family over there, I'm terrified for my friends and family over here because America's madness has never been confined to its borders. Part of me wishes I were there so I could call my Congresscritter every day and bus down to DC and scream at the White House every weekend. Part of me is so, so grateful I am here instead, so I can draw some comfort from the presence of my partner and the distance between that mess and me. And then I feel super guilty about feeling grateful.

Guys, real talk, if any of y'all want to emigrate to the UK I will help you however I can. I don't know how long living here will realistically keep us safe, though, if they don't impeach or arrest the slimeball soon.

(I'll settle for impeachment. But my dream is one day seeing the video of him being led away from the White House in handcuffs, because a criminal court wouldn't rely on the historically stellar judgement of the Republican Congress.)

...ugh, I have a rage headache.

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