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In which Rodimus and Galvatron talk about First Aid. <3

Just a scene that's been running through my head the past week or so.


Galvatron scowled down at the mass of wiring, tubing, and indicators sprouting like a mad alien shrub from his destined rival's open chest. "You were supposed to fix him," he growled.

First Aid hunched over Rodimus protectively. "I am fixing him! I know it doesn't look pretty, but it's working, I promise."

"Well, work faster! I want him on his feet!"

First Aid bristled, pride stung; beneath his hands, his patient stirred with a rasping laugh. "Oh, don't be such a worrywart, Galvatron," Rodimus Prime teased, "I've survived worse. At your hands, now that I think about it."

Galvatron turned an affronted glare on him and Rodimus laughed again, which quickly turned into a grimace and a clutch at his side. "Ooh, ow. Okay, laughing, not a good idea right now."

"I told you to rest," First Aid scolded. "Antagonizing the Decepticon doesn't count as resting, Prime! Hang on, I'll get some null-pain codes."

As fast as First Aid hurried off, Galvatron didn't wait until he was out of earshot before demanding, "Why do you put up with his ridiculous pacifism?"

It was just Galvatron trying to make conversation; Rodimus tried not to feel offended on his medic's behalf and only partly succeeded. "You mean besides the fact that I respect his choice?" Galvatron gave him an arch look and Rodimus sighed. "Okay, in purely selfish terms: if I tried to make him fight, he'd leave, and his brothers would go with him. Suddenly I'm down a whole gestalt as well as the best medic we have, and I'd only have myself to blame." Rodimus settled back with a nod as reluctant understanding flickered through Galvatron's optics.

"You've weighed the benefits against the drawbacks," the Decepticon allowed. "Perhaps even a pacifist isn't completely useless."

Rodimus laughed again, despite the pain. "Don't conflate pacifist with helpless. First Aid knows at least six ways to disable a mech without harming them. Smart mechs only make the mistake of underestimating him once."

"Don't presume to lecture me!" Galvatron snapped; but when First Aid returned, murmuring an excuse-me with a handful of null-pain patches, Galvatron moved aside to give him room.

"Thanks, Aid," Rodimus sighed, optics dimming as the patches pulsed their magic into his body. "I'm going to get some recharge; you gonna be okay?"

"Hot Spot and Magnus are taking care of things outside," the medic assured him. "You just focus on your self-repair now." Rodimus smiled and shut his optics off completely; First Aid patted his arm and left him with Galvatron to watch over him.

"Prime," Galvatron rumbled once the medic was out of sight.

One blue optic snapped on again. "Yeah?"

Galvatron leaned in close. "I am not a worrywart."

Rodimus shut his optic off again and laughed; this time it didn't hurt. "Whatever you say."
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So cute omg.
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I need to get back in the habit of reading my DW. But I adore First Aid. Fear the medic and all~
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And nobody has ever said Galvatron was stupid.
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Roddy is slowly training Galvatron in his own way.
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^-^ Of course he does~
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"Don't conflate pacifist with helpless. First Aid knows at least six ways to disable a mech without harming them. Smart mechs only make the mistake of underestimating him once."
Heheheheheheheheh!!!!! <3