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Jul. 21st, 2017 06:54 pm
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..............yeah, this is just angstfic. Give unto me your anguish, dear readers, for it shall make me strong.

After it was all over... (On AO3)
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First explored here and here, a 'verse I've been toying with in which Orion Pax is a gladiator and Megatron is a demon-summoning archivist. One day I'll actually sit down and write this, but Fluffiroth comes first.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? )
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First, new chapter of Fluffiroth, finally - Chapter 12 - Junker District

Second, a brief bit of Star Wars AU - Hope, Reversed

And last, playing extremely fast and loose with timelines, have some idfic with Autobots reacting to the current political situation in America - A Kick in the Skid

That is all. As you were.
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Jazz wasn't looking for anything in particular when he came to Praxus, but that doesn't mean he didn't find a whole list of strange things. Sparklings, fliers, funky crystals, archivists, goodies he totally wants the recipe for - and a quiet, shy mech with doorwings and white optics.

Also a sparkeater. That part he could have done without.

[Companion/side dish to Crown of Cybertron, gets a little deeper into Praxian spirituality and what's up with the psychopomps. This'll be updated every two weeks to give us time to slay the ABSOLUTE BEAST of a prequel-fic we're only about halfway through.]
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It took me three flipping years to write this fic, so I hope people like it. XD NC-17, 14000 words, Galvatron/Rodimus Prime and Galvatron/Cyclonus.

There were times when Galvatron, Leader of the Decepticons, Ruler of Chaar and Emperor of Destruction, wondered if he were becoming just a tiny bit domesticated.
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Wrote this during our Horrible Week Of No Internet and just remembered it existed. Sooo, posting it. :D

The pint-sized cacophony spilled into the hallway... )
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In which - you know, I'm just gonna let this one speak for itself. Transformers G1, gen, extremely goofy. On AO3
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Remember the Renewed series? Remember Roddy wondering about what might have been if there'd been no war?

...yeah. :DDDDD

We've been working on this for almost a year, and it's MOSTLY finished - with more fics in the same 'verse coming down the pipeline, cough. But we're posting a chapter a week on this unwieldy beast, so we hope you follow along and enjoy.

On AO3 (coauthored with [personal profile] apprentice_lurk)
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Borrows heavily from TF:Prime, and... maybe a tiny bit from Final Fantasy X. XD

Orion Pax could have told his creators... )

OC ficbit!

Nov. 12th, 2015 10:52 pm
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I threatened to do it. I did it. I might do it again. >D

Sydney didn’t so much climb down the warehouse ladder as slide down it... )
raisedbymoogles: (Default) chapter. Holy crap, I can't believe I finished a chapter fic. I've never actually done that before. :OOO .....X333333

So, anyway, link to AO3. Includes bonus playlist, because I couldn't not. ^_^
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Currently vacationing Up North. Might fall behind again. ;)

OC #27, Eclipse, and #28, Julie. )
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Yet again, mostly partner’s brainchildren, migrating into shared headspace. And they appear in Dipolemacy too, so I might as well give them their shot at the spotlight.

OC#25, Sunset House )
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Most of you have probably met these guys already, but I may as well stick them up here because I’m kind of proud of them. And I have headcanons - er, well, I guess they’re just ‘canons’ since they’re my characters - that never made it into the fic.

OC #21, Dipolemacy Vosians )
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This is an OC that's still in the process of coalescing. I'm not even sure which continuity she belongs to, although she'd make an amazing Big Bad in Marissaverse.

OC #19, Battleaxe )
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Moar hoomins hangin’ out with giant robits! :DDDDDD

OC #16, Pari and OC #17, Sydney )


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