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The stars aligned: this post on Tumblr, and the season finale of RWBY leaving me a mess of Feels. The challenge was to mashup your oldest fandom and your newest fandom.

There's a day when we stand outnumbered... )
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Wrote this during our Horrible Week Of No Internet and just remembered it existed. Sooo, posting it. :D

The pint-sized cacophony spilled into the hallway... )
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Because I've had Beast Wars on the brain lately. I want to do something BW-related for their 20th anniversary, but I don't think I have it in me to take on another big project like Steampunk BW would be.

There was little enough left of this world... )
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Borrows heavily from TF:Prime, and... maybe a tiny bit from Final Fantasy X. XD

Orion Pax could have told his creators... )
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I couldn't sleep last night partially because this scene was kicking and screaming in my head. I stayed up an hour past my bedtime to write it, so I hope it appreciates this.

Cloud and the others reached the crystal altar... )
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Anyone else think Coulson and Optimus Primal would get along? No? Just me, then.

Two helicarrier-sized ships hardly counted as an alien invasion. )
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Just a blurb that caught my ear and wouldn't let go.

Jazz loves English. )
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I wanted to write my Pokemon fanchar Phaedra kicking some rich people's asses, and in my head, where are all the rich people? Why, Ouran Academy, of course! :DDD ...*pulls hood over face and cowers in embarrassment*

If the spectators were hoping to tell Hikaru and Kaoru apart by their Pokemon... )
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Featuring Lacey, my TMNT2k3 fanchar, first introduced here. This bit is set before she meets the Turtles.

In which there is a stealthy mission Lacey might not be totally prepared for. )
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Okami/Transformers. Yes, really.

Are you absolutely sure this is necessary. )

...And then they had wonderful adventures together. ;)
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A scene that popped into my head today. TF:P, featuring a fanchar that is far too female-Gary-Stu to see the light of day otherwise. Lightcaster's an ex-Decepticon and a flier, for reference.

Well, she can hardly dislike me any more. )
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It's another floating snippet! This one I wrote at work. XD Set in the same 'verse (more or less) as Storm System, a G1/FF7 crossover wherein Cloud is an Autobot.

Read more... )
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Because I bunnied her again. I promised her some steampunk Beast Wars, and moogle delivers!

In which Callie runs into a familiar face and is deeply confused. )
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More steampunk Beast Wars, inspired by the aforementioned's playing around in the verse with BPAL descriptions. (And let me again mention how much I regret having such a poor sense of smell. The descriptions of some of these scents are enchanting, but I know the actual perfumes would be wasted on me.)

Take a deep breath. )


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