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Random Steampunk BW snippet.

Callie was shivering so hard she could barely strip off her coat; it hit the pavement with a sodden thud, the icy rainwater having soaked it through so it weighed ten times more than otherwise. "S-sorry," she stammered, huddling against the wall away from the sheet of rain. It sprayed in her face, the awning being an entirely inadequate shelter. "D-don't think I c-can fix that thing until m-my hands stop sh-sh-shaking." She clenched the traitorous fingers together, trying to squeeze out some warmth.

Dinobot bared his steel teeth against the rain, then twisted around to nip at the offending injury to his side - the broken plate was nothing, but part of the broken edge was jammed underneath into a bank of gears. "Then I cannot transform," he admitted with a grimace. "I am trapped in beast mode."

"S-sorry," Callie winced.

Dinobot glared at her out of one yellow optic, the only heat she could find; she didn't flinch away from it, even when Dinobot advanced on her, pressing her against the wall.

"Wh-what?" she protested, pushing weakly at his shoulder.

"Down," Dinobot ordered.

Callie obeyed. The sidewalk was just as cold as the rain, but Dinobot crouched down over her, the engine behind his ribs humming with blessed, wonderful heat. Callie curled up and pressed her hands to his plating, feeling the vibration of Dinobot's voice rumble through her bones.

"When your temperature regulation behavior subsides," the ex-Predacon told her, "you will un-block my transformation sequence. Until then we must rely on Cheetor and the rodent."

Callie peeked up at him. "You're tellin' me our only hope is those two?"


"Well." Since Optimus wasn't around to say it, Callie took the responsibility. "That's - that's just Prime."

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See, this SHOULD have been your NaNo project. *cuddles this 'verse forever*
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*mrrrs at*
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+cheers for Dinobot+
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Yayyyy Dinobot, saving the day by cuddling for warmth! :D

And, ahahaha that's definitely just Prime. :D