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OC Meme, 9

Let’s take a break from Beast Wars for a bit.

For all FF7 is my other Greatest Love of All, it seems kind of odd to me that I have no self-insert charas. None that have stuck around, anyway. …well. Technically my online presence is a FF7 OC, kupo. But between that and Chole up at the Chocobo Ranch my self-insert needs are pretty much covered. XD

Sooo, tonight I shall introduce you to a four-person team who are technically my partner’s brainchild, but who have since moved into the shared headspace that exists between us and may be making appearances in upcoming fic. Gentle readers, I present:

OC #9: The Bouncers [Final Fantasy 7]

Major Verdandi “ ‘Dandi” Cistercian, SOLDIER Second Class - six-foot-five of PURE MUSCLE, red hair, and a cheerful, forthright manner that wouldn’t be out of place on a really big bulldozer. ‘Dandi proves why “career soldier” and “maternal streak” are a dangerous combination, as she has thrown Shinra Company into utter disarray in many an AU, mostly in an effort to get Sephiroth room to siddown and eat his godsdamn veggibles so he can have a cookie. ‘Dandi’s from around the Nibel mountain range, though not from Nibelheim itself. They breed toughies up there. Her weapon of choice is a halberd.

Lieutenant-Major Rosamund Florentine ”Pinky” Pinks, SOLDIER Second Class - Call her by her real name and you’re liable to get a boot to the head. Pinky is a tiny, foul-mouthed powerhouse of a SOLDIER who wields a gunblade, but also has special skills in ballistics, engineering, and Makin’ Shit Go Boom. One time she got ahold of Ironhide’s cannon and was in heaven. Pinky’s the practical second-in-command to ‘Dandi’s charge-ahead style of leadership, and in return ‘Dandi tries to keep her from getting too many reprimands for fighting higher-ranked troops. It helps that she keeps beating said higher-ranked troops. …Pinky is also the only daughter of a rich, fussy family in the Icicle area, and ran away to join SOLDIER at 14 to get away from all the frilly girly crap her parents forced on her.

Senior SOLDIER Nathaniel ”Nat” Veto, SOLDIER Second Class - Nat made an appearance in Lieutenant Buckethead, and the hijinks described therein are basically normal for him. He’s a big cheerful friendly Labrador with super strength, a morningstar, and no attention span to speak of. ‘Dandi’s probably the only one who can control him, possibly because they share an outlook on life.

Junior SOLDIER Kit Snowline, SOLDIER Third Class - How did this quiet, unassuming, thoughtful young man fall in with a unit of lunatics? If you asked him he might answer “Just lucky, I guess.” Kit has an affinity for Mako and magic that outstrips his seniors in the Bouncers, possibly a product of his roots in both Mideel and Cosmo Canyon, and possibly a sign of the slightest trace of Cetra blood in his veins. He uses a pair of bladed gauntlets to great effect when the enemy is still busy going WTF D: at the other three boisterous Bouncers.
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+grins+ why am I not surprised you have FFVII OCs?

I really, really like the sound of 'Dandi.

Well really I like anyone that shakes up Shinra.