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Let's round this meme off with some original'verses, what do you say? :DDD

OC #30, Tam, and #31, Laramie )

So, final tally: 53 total OCs, including all those OC-groups. Of those, I've got: 28 young girls; 3 amnesiacs; 7 turncoats; 2 autistic characters (well, one autistic and one autistic-ish); 7 villains; and 12 that started life as my partner's brainchildren. In case you were looking for themes. :D
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I wanna be the very best, like no one ever waaaas~

OC #29, Sana )
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Currently vacationing Up North. Might fall behind again. ;)

OC #27, Eclipse, and #28, Julie. )
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I'm behind again. Well, that didn't last long.

OC #26, Laika )
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Yet again, mostly partner’s brainchildren, migrating into shared headspace. And they appear in Dipolemacy too, so I might as well give them their shot at the spotlight.

OC#25, Sunset House )
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I've mentioned Phaedra before, but here's the extended version.

OC #24, Phaedra )

Doing these kinda makes me want to write fanchar-drabbles. Maybe I'll make that a regular Thing too. ^_^
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Double post, and with that I'm finally caught up! These two are a little light on detail because they're not as developed as they could be.

OC #22, Norah, and #23, Ryssnathi )
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Most of you have probably met these guys already, but I may as well stick them up here because I’m kind of proud of them. And I have headcanons - er, well, I guess they’re just ‘canons’ since they’re my characters - that never made it into the fic.

OC #21, Dipolemacy Vosians )
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This actually exists as a scribbly comic in one of my many craft-store notebooks. Which, typically, I can't find.

OC #20, Val )
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This is an OC that's still in the process of coalescing. I'm not even sure which continuity she belongs to, although she'd make an amazing Big Bad in Marissaverse.

OC #19, Battleaxe )
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I'm still behind, I know, but I'm not doing two of these multiple-character posts in one night.

OC #18, The Dragon Damsels )
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Moar hoomins hangin’ out with giant robits! :DDDDDD

OC #16, Pari and OC #17, Sydney )
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Playing catch-up again. This time let's have some really original characters.

OC #14, Orune, and #15, Lettie Drakonas. )
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Not much detail on this 'cause karate class kicked my ass.

OC #13, Lightcaster [Transformers: Prime] )
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Two today ‘cause I skipped yesterday, but they’ll be short ‘cause it’s already past my bedtime.

OC #11, Kylin and OC #12, Trapstreet )
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TMNT was my first love and my first ‘fandom’, though back then the Internet wasn’t a thing so I had no one to share it with. It is also the source of my first OC, who will not be appearing on this list because I need to keep some dignity. With that in mind, meet:

OC #10, Lacey )

OC Meme, 9

Oct. 10th, 2015 12:31 am
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Let’s take a break from Beast Wars for a bit.

OC #9, The Bouncers )

OC Meme, 8

Oct. 8th, 2015 09:24 pm
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Hey, it's another hoomin who hangs out with Beasties! This one's not been hanging around anywhere near as long, so she's not quite as fully realized.

OC #8, Callie )

OC Meme, 7

Oct. 7th, 2015 08:17 pm
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I promised you a good guy. Moogle always delivers. ;D

OC #7, Sagewind )
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Further to the ‘fuzzy Predacons’ theme.

#5, Hexenwulf and #6, Shadowing. )

Well! That was - disturbing. Good guys starting tomorrow, I promise.


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