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How are you not embarrassed to behave this way in public.

There are lots of things that make me go *stranglehands!* inside my head at work (and sometimes not so inside my head. PEOPLE, augh.), but usually the rudeness is aimed at me so it's at least expected. The other day, though, this thing happened: a woman I was checking out informed me that her "friend, who is Special Needs" was coming with some more stuff, then proceeded to leave my counter presumably to check on Friend's progress. Next thing I hear this woman actually yelling in the tone of voice my mother would have reserved for my having TRULY fucked up. Friend's crime? Taking too long to come to the register, apparently.

So here's this young woman who is, yes, visibly developmentally delayed, in tears, handing me her items and apologizing. "I'm a little stressed right now," she said, and holy shit I could have murdered someone. Someone specific, I mean. But of course being a cashier means I can't even so much as glare at the waste of skin who made her cry, so all I could do was be pointedly very kind and patient with her. I doubt it helped.

Idk. I guess I just needed to vent that somewhere. -_-
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That poor girl! I'm glad you were there to be kind to her, what an awful "friend" D:
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Sounds like one for "Not Always Right", or the reddit equivalent, /r/TalesFromRetail.