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Two posts in two days! ZOMG.

This is one of those 'the muses just ambushed me' things. Or rather, my Galvatron muse ambushed my Roddy muse and I was dragged along for the ride. XD This was partially inspired by the song "Foolish Games" by Jewel.


Although Earth rain wasn't dangerous like Cybertronian acid rain, even humans knew enough to get to shelter in a downpour. Common sense and all.

The figure hurling his jacket to the ground and laughing in Ambassador Spike Witwicky's front lawn tended to make words like 'common sense' meaningless. "Galvatron!" Rodimus cried from the second-floor window, barely audible over the sheeting rain. "What the titanium-plated frag are you doing!"

The Decepticon warlord Galvatron, recently made human but no less dangerous for that, laughed mockingly at him, his voice having no trouble carrying. "I'm waiting for you to let me in, Prime!"

"Argh - I'll be right down. Crazy bastard," Rodimus added as he shut the window.

Galvatron pushed past him as soon as he opened the door, and stood wringing out his hair. "Galvatron, you're soaked," Rodimus said, dismayed, as his rival dripped all over the entryway. "Wait here. I'll get some towels."

True to form, Galvatron didn't listen. When Rodimus came back downstairs, arms full of towels, Galvatron had tracked rainwater and mud straight into the living room. "I told you to wait!" Rodimus groaned unthinkingly.

Galvatron turned on him, though there was amusement in his eyes that tempered the danger. "And when have you known me to do as I was told?" the warlord demanded as he advanced.

Rodimus rolled his eyes and draped a towel over the Decepticon's head. "Never," he admitted, and rubbed at Galvatron's hair, carefully at first, then more vigorously.

Galvatron held still for it, letting Rodimus do as he pleased. An outside observer might have been surprised at such docility, but Rodimus felt the full weight of Galvatron's intense, proprietary stare, and knew better. Galvatron's taste for luxury bordered on the obscene. He was used to being attended to by a body servant, although it was usually Cyclonus who had that honor. To him, this was only his due; and if it was the Autobot commander serving him thus, so much the better.

Rodimus's skin prickled hotly at the thought. He rubbed harder, determined to get this over with before his imagination could get the better of him.

"Slower, Prime," Galvatron purred, making no secret of how much he was enjoying himself. "I want to savor this."

Rodimus's shiver then had nothing to do with cold water. He slowed down, running the towel slowly over Galvatron's shoulders and arms, then knelt to unlace the warlord's mud-covered boots. He could feel Galvatron's stare on him, claiming and penetrating. Rodimus shivered again and gave himself over to this fulfillment of a long-held fantasy: one he now knew Galvatron shared.

"We should get you into bed," he murmured once the boots were safely wrapped in a towel and Galvatron was barefoot and mostly dry. "Get you warmed up." He stood, only to be caught by the shoulders.

"By all means," Galvatron purred, but he didn't move. His mouth ghosted over Rodimus's hair, and Rodimus's own lips parted on an indrawn breath. Was there nothing these bodies didn't react to?

Come to think of it, it was probably just The Galvatron Effect. Rodimus found that thought more comfortable, even as he had to fight to keep from stumbling as Galvatron abruptly let him go and headed for the stairs. As he followed, Rodimus knew two things for certain: that they would be getting quite warm indeed; and that there wouldn't be much in the way of sleeping going on tonight.

Only Galvatron could turn a toweling-off into foreplay, really.
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...I have already told you how hot I think this is, but I feel I should make it official: this is really really hot.

*brain still vaguely stuck on the body servant thing*
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I love both of these. :D
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I approve of this.

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How exactly did they turn human, though?
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