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Let's round this meme off with some original'verses, what do you say? :DDD

OC #30, Tam, and #31, Laramie )

So, final tally: 53 total OCs, including all those OC-groups. Of those, I've got: 28 young girls; 3 amnesiacs; 7 turncoats; 2 autistic characters (well, one autistic and one autistic-ish); 7 villains; and 12 that started life as my partner's brainchildren. In case you were looking for themes. :D
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Currently vacationing Up North. Might fall behind again. ;)

OC #27, Eclipse, and #28, Julie. )
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Playing catch-up again. This time let's have some really original characters.

OC #14, Orune, and #15, Lettie Drakonas. )
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If you follow my other journals, you know where all this free time is coming from. I've been trying my hand at watercolors lately, and here's what I've done so far. 4 images, not very good quality 'cause I took them with my iDevice.

Giddy, paint-covered nonsense. )
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My second story has been published, and you can read it here. Mine is "Skin and Scales."

Also, have some skibbles: All TF-related, nothing especially pervy. )
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Remember that short story I sold a while back?

It got published right around the time of Grampy dying, so I forgot to wave it at people. Here you go.


Warnings for nonsexy masturbation and brief nakedness.

(I'm planning on more for CG, but no promises.)
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I get my best ideas in the shower, for some reason. ...I should stay in the shower longer. And hook up a recording device so I can babble on about whatever occurs to me and have it to listen to later.

The morbid one first. )


And then the kinda cute one. )

I told you they were half baked.
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...oh my god. *thuds* These are in no particular order, aside from grouped-by-fandom.

Did I mention there's a lot of them? )


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