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I was going to do Jessika Pava, buuuuut my yellow has apparently gone on walkabout. Next time! :D

I'm pretty happy with the design, even if my execution leaves much to be desired.
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Vaguely Aqua-inspired. I really have to get back to that game one of these days...

Warriors of the Keyblade, go forth! And bring me more nail polish remover! )
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I went to see Wil Wheaton vs. Paul and Storm last Thursday, and I decided I needed a new paint job for the occasion. ^_^ So, here is my mani inspired by TableTop!

The game is called "Pandemic." It's a cooperative game wherein you try to cure four rapidly-spreading diseases before they destroy civilization. Wil & company failed to do this.
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(Aeris, why is your last name so freaking hard to spell.)

Ahem. Aeris nails! Because I can't be all robots all the time. ;)

And for the record, this freaking manicure took me two days to do. Everything went wrong, I had to repaint multiple times, the lines aren't the nice straight ones I wanted because the Scotch tape kept ripping chunks out so I finally gave up and freehanded the darn things, that cranberry polish got absolutely EVERYWHERE - argh. I still like the concept, but I don't think I'm skilled or patient enough to execute it properly yet. XD My next mani will be VERY SIMPLE.
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Trying to decide on my next paintjob; posting these while I figure it out.

Moogle nails! )

Sparkly Decepticon nails! )
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I've done a couple of nailart things since Brave, but none that turned out well enough to share. But this was nice and simple, and I've been wanting to do it since Mom got me that shade of green. XD

Heroes inna half shell! )
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Brave-inspired. Just the left hand this time, 'cause the right hand didn't turn out as well. Ambidextrous I ain't. XD

Behind here. )

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I went to Big Gigantic Has-Everything-Ever (Including All The People) Grocery Store today, and while I was there I stopped by Ulta to prepare for my latest geeky endeavor. Behold!

Geek nails! )

I also made limeade! Pics. It happened. )

So that was my day off. I'm spent. *flop* How's your day been?


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