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Moar comment party fic!

The angsty one: Ultra Magnus, school teacher
The fun one: Optimus & Hot Rod, justice

Mental note: transfer these to AO3 sometime this week.
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In case y'all didn't know, there's a Transformers commentfic party going on over here. And, I wrote a thing for it. ;)

(G1) Optimus Prime - This is my army? - pure fluff and tooth-rotting sweetness.

*shoos you all over there to play*
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So I share some Things I've written with you to wave goodbye to the old year. ^_^

Unicronian Moments I - Cyclonus is having a rough day. Scourge utterly fails to cheer him up.

Ask the Interface Guru - In which Kup is the Mack Daddy of Autobot City... or maybe he's just trying to teach a sex ed class.

Leader's Surrender - more bondage Roddy porn, with Cyclonus and Magnus.

Bed of Roses - Starscream annoys Magnus. Magnus has his revenge.
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...and stemming directly from this fic, I made a Formspring. For Kup. To give sex advice.

How is this my life, Internet?

Ask Professor Kup - has a few questions on it already. If I feel like it later, I'll expand some of the answers and make an LJ/post them on tf_g1_s3. Or something. I'm kinda playing this whole thing by ear.
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Strip Pokemon: G1/Beast Wars crossover
Zack being an insufferable tease and Seph and Cloud doing something about it - pregame
Wheeljack/Perceptor geek sex for porn_battle
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...oh my god. *thuds* These are in no particular order, aside from grouped-by-fandom.

Did I mention there's a lot of them? )
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...I meant to do three. *fail*

Ah well. Here's my contribution. Hellboy, Hellboy/John Meyers, NC-17, for the prompt "collar". No title. Here's the original comment.

Red doesn't deny where he came from... )
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Kingdom Hearts: Metal Heart - Kingdom Hearts/Transformers crossover comic
I have not abandoned this, dammit. I haven't. I'm just... well, easily distracted. -_-
On Livejournal | On my website

On Broken Wings - Post-AC FFVII fic starring a sane Sephiroth
Going, slow but steady.
On Livejournal | On Insanejournal

Lambo Sammich - Drabble set, Sideswipe/Bluestreak/Sunstreaker-centric
On Livejournal

Kink Is Our Business, and Business Is Good - Drabble set, in which Sideswipe and Swindle start a porn/sex toy shop.
On Livejournal


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