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Because I've had Beast Wars on the brain lately. I want to do something BW-related for their 20th anniversary, but I don't think I have it in me to take on another big project like Steampunk BW would be.

There was little enough left of this world... )
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Two today ‘cause I skipped yesterday, but they’ll be short ‘cause it’s already past my bedtime.

OC #11, Kylin and OC #12, Trapstreet )
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I promised myself I wouldn't do any more challenges for a while until I cleared out some of my project backlog, but then Porn Battle opened up an old-prompts challenge and, well... I am weak. *facepalm*

These will be poked at and put onto AO3 at some point, but until then, here are a couple of pornfics in their raw form.

Galvatron/Hot Rod (post-S3), apology, conquest

Kingdom Hearts, Cloud/Aeris/Sephiroth, mastery
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Vaguely Aqua-inspired. I really have to get back to that game one of these days...

Warriors of the Keyblade, go forth! And bring me more nail polish remover! )
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Snippet of a Kingdom Hearts/Sesame Street crossover. Yes, really.

Big Bird was just sitting down to his midafternoon snack... )
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...oh my god. *thuds* These are in no particular order, aside from grouped-by-fandom.

Did I mention there's a lot of them? )
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Kingdom Hearts: Metal Heart - Kingdom Hearts/Transformers crossover comic
I have not abandoned this, dammit. I haven't. I'm just... well, easily distracted. -_-
On Livejournal | On my website

On Broken Wings - Post-AC FFVII fic starring a sane Sephiroth
Going, slow but steady.
On Livejournal | On Insanejournal

Lambo Sammich - Drabble set, Sideswipe/Bluestreak/Sunstreaker-centric
On Livejournal

Kink Is Our Business, and Business Is Good - Drabble set, in which Sideswipe and Swindle start a porn/sex toy shop.
On Livejournal
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Since this is pretty much going to be a creative-stuff-only journal, here is some fandom. Beast Wars/101 Dalmations possibly via Kingdom Hearts, short, pointless. ;P

A bewildered wolf is not a dignified sight... )


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