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First, new chapter of Fluffiroth, finally - Chapter 12 - Junker District

Second, a brief bit of Star Wars AU - Hope, Reversed

And last, playing extremely fast and loose with timelines, have some idfic with Autobots reacting to the current political situation in America - A Kick in the Skid

That is all. As you were.
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I was going to do Jessika Pava, buuuuut my yellow has apparently gone on walkabout. Next time! :D

I'm pretty happy with the design, even if my execution leaves much to be desired.
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Double post, and with that I'm finally caught up! These two are a little light on detail because they're not as developed as they could be.

OC #22, Norah, and #23, Ryssnathi )
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My intro to the Star Wars universe was a VHS tape of Return of the Jedi I discovered in my parents' movie collection when I was in third grade. I watched it over and over. I lobbied to name our dog Luke. I had no freaking idea it was a trilogy until a few years later. (No, my parents never said 'hey, by the way, there's two more movies, let us share this cultural phenomenon with you in its entirety and forge a new aspect to our relationship based on shared interests!' My parents don't have a geeky atom in their bodies.)

So basically my first experience of Star Wars was this kind of AU universe where I was taking the hints of worldbuilding I saw in the movie and using them to fill in the blanks. I mean - think about everything I was missing. My first intro to Han and Leia was "Someone who loves you!" rather than "Maybe you'd like it back in your cell!", which is probably why I ship them so hard, looking back on the rather squicky bits in ESB. My first intro to Yoda and Obi-Wan was the aftermath of Luke learning Vader's his father. I had no idea why Lando being a general in the Rebel army was such a big deal. Hell, my first intro to Luke was the badass Jedi, not the farm boy. So much I was missing, and you know what? RotJ is still my favorite, because of all that sense of possibility and a wider world beyond what I was seeing.

(Don't get me wrong, it was cool seeing the first two and finally seeing what was up with all the stuff I was missing. And then going back to RotJ and going 'ohhh, so THAT'S what that means!' Just - I dunno. Maybe you don't have to explain everything when you're worldbuilding. Leave some blanks for the audience to fill in.)
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Wrote this aaaaages ago on my LJ and just rediscovered it. I figured I may as well repost it on AO3 for posterity, so here you go.

....and yes, I am very ashamed of myself. XD;;;; Um, Happy Star Wars Day?
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An image popped into my head of Leia being trained by Yoda, and then this happened. So, uh, have a Star Wars AU snippet.

I can never turn my eyes away from the Rebellion. )


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