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Steampunk Beast Wars

The setting: turn of the century, possibly at a World's Fair (Chicago 1893, St. Louis 1904, or San Francisco 1915 - that last one's a bit late, but it'd be an interesting setting). Two spaceships crash-land and the inhabitants scan fossils, live animals, or steam-powered animatronic replicas as appropriate. Panic ensues; the Maximals and Predacons wisely hide away from the excitable monkeys that inhabit this planet while seeking advantage over each other. Little do the Maximals know they've picked up a stowaway: the builder of the animatronic animals whose forms they now wear, who is very interested in how her designs translate to aliens...!

...Because let's face it, a geared-out gorilla and T. rex? Distilled. Awesome. (And they did it to G1, so why not.)

EDIT: After a quick nose around Wikipedia, I can see that if I want to set this even partially at a World's Fair, I'm going to need maps. And my as-yet-unnamed human character will probably suffer from Transplanted 21st Century Brain Syndrome, just to avoid some of the rampant race/class/gender fail that was a hallmark of the time period. (TBH, if she's a participant/exhibitor in the World's Fair, she probably has to disguise herself as a man already. If I made her nonwhite they'd never let her in the door without a broom and a customer service smile.)
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I get my best ideas in the shower, for some reason. ...I should stay in the shower longer. And hook up a recording device so I can babble on about whatever occurs to me and have it to listen to later.

The morbid one first. )


And then the kinda cute one. )

I told you they were half baked.


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