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I’ve come to the realization that I really, really like the UST trope, as long as the ST is U due to some other reason than a miscommunication.
“Our Love Can Never Be, for we are fighting in an interstellar war and it may cost countless lives if we were to lose focus for something so selfish!” <- :D

“Our Love Can Never Be, because we are on opposing sides and also I kind of hate your face.” <- :D :D :DDDDD

“Our Love Can Never Be, because we are physically incompatible in some way and for some reason nobody has heard of vibrators.” <- ^_^ ^__________^ b^_^d

“Our Love Can Never Be, because neither of us will ever pull our heads out our own asses long enough to notice the object of our affections making cow eyes at us all over creation.” <- NO
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Anything Else?: Besides Transformers, what else are you a fan of?

Hee! This is a fun one. *wiggles* And for the record, I would love to see/be prompted for/collaborate on crossovers between any of these things. :DDD

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My first fandom, as in “I wanted to date all of them when I was five.”
- Avengers (Marvel Cinematic Universe). I’ve never really been hugely into comics - getting little bits of a story every month, as opposed to books where you get the whole thing, just couldn’t hold my attention - but thanks to scans_daily I was at least passingly familiar with all of the characters. It took the movies to really hook me, though. So now I’m stuck holding my breath for a female-led Marvel movie and that they won’t screw up Spidey again. (Still want a Misty Knight movie, kthx.)
- Sailor Moon. Pretty much my introduction to feminism. Never again would I be satisfied with ‘one girl character who does nothing much’ in my cartoons.
- Power Rangers. I caught a lot of shit for watching this pretty much through middle school. Did I give a shit? I DID NOT. Fuck the haters.
- Final Fantasy VII - my ‘other main fandom.’ Back in my Springkink days I wrote a lot of FF7 fic, and I’m planning on revisiting my postgame-Seph-fixit fic after I’m done with certain poledancing Winnebagos. (Really need to finish Crisis Core one of these days.)
- Final Fantasy IX. I will seriously wave a flag for this game until the day I die. It’s pretty damn near the perfect JRPG. (And I am GOING to LP it with my partner, see if I don’t. I want her reaction to Vivi recorded for posterity.)
- Jem. I barely remember watching the cartoon as a tiny mooglet, but the new comic is all kinds of adorable.
- Star Wars - basically I’m all about the ladies of Star Wars. And making up more of them when canon falls short of scratching that particular itch. (Dear new movie: please don’t suck.)
- Pokemon. I haven’t caught ‘em all, I’ve never participated in a tournament, and I rarely trade - but gdi the worlds are so addictive. I have like four fanchars.
- Bravely Default - I haven’t finished it yet, but through my own fault I’ve been spoilered six ways from Sunday. No big deal, I’ll have everybody’s jobs mastered by the time I’m done. …Also I have Edea as party leader because come on.
- Kingdom Hearts - facilitating all the crossovers! :D Also all the threesomes, apparently. (Please let Kairi be playable in KH3. Or at least give her her own spinoff game for the 3DS which does not suck.)
- RWBY - I’m getting my partner into this. *wicked cackle* It’s actually kind of hard to believe it’s by the same people who did Red Vs. Blue, but there you go. Female-led adventure story ftw!
- Pacific Rim - because who isn't. Anybody else really want to see Raleigh and Mako's post-world-saving Sesame Street appearance?
- Mad Max: Fury Road - are they feminist action movies? Well, yes, in that for once I didn't walk out of the theater feeling like I didn't matter.


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